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He was saying several years ago that he would be start building a Mars base in 2022 and have manned missions in 2024 which are both basically no closer today than they were then, that was a lie.
He said he would build hyperloops that would be cheap fast efficient across the country, that was a lie, that we now know was to stop building public transport.
He said in 2016 that full self driving that was safer than a person driving would be ready in 2017, and that was something they could do TODAY (in 2016). He repeated that lie in 2019, even claiming people could make up to $200000 per year if they bought a Tesla, because they could drive as autonomous taxi's beginning 2020. He claimed buying anything other than a Tesla would be stupid, because Tesla cars were the only ones that could do that. Except they couldn't and they still can't.

There is a very clear picture that Elon Musk is lying through his teeth, and he cons people into investing in and buying his products under false pretenses.

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But are they really making progress? NASA has pured billions into SpaceX, are they really getting what they were promised? AFAIK the answer to that is No-No-No and No, because they are so far behind, and haven't met any requirements for what SpaceX was supposed to do for the NASA manned moon mission Artemis.

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IFT3 began to tumble shortly after launch, at least before they opened the "door" where it was obvious. The tumble may have been caused by a leak, and the "reentry" was simply a chaotic mess where the engine(s) began to burn up in the atmosphere, and it was absolutely 100% out of control.

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Okay? It was on a test stand.

Test Pad, it was on a test pad.

The footage shows SpaceX’s engine test pad going up in flame.

The reason they use test pads is that iPads are too expensive.

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Elon Musk promised manned missions to Mars by now, and the beginning of building a base should have started already 2 years ago.

There are many good reasons to hate Musk, he is a liar and a con man.

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Maybe he lost interest because of all the bullshit Elon Musk promised that came to NOTHING, remember a few years back he promised there would be manned missions to Mars now... NOW!!! MANNED MISSIONS!!! They were supposed to be well along building a base on Mars that should have started 2 years ago!!

Reality may seem kind of dull compared to the fantasies Musk promised.

Personally I never believed Musk for a second, and I thought Neil Tyson was a blabbering idiot for parroting him. But many fell for it, and my wife thought I was "negative" for not believing and agreeing with them!

But things like the James Webb telescope are 100% cool.

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Nothing, I posted in the wrong place. The 2 stories were together, and after reading it, I must have clicked the wrong one, and posted it here, instead of the story about the SpaceX engine blowing up.

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That's a bit disappointing, I thought Qwant had their own search. I know startpage used Google originally, but I wasn't sure if they still did.

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Interesting concept, but it's a bit expensive IMO, considering the huge amount of "free" options.

The pricing is only in USD without taxes. Listing the price excluding tax is illegal here (Denmark and I think the rest of EU), so apparently not a service meant for use outside USA.
Ad free is not a problem for me, i use Firefox with µBlock Origin.

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Luckily the value of SpaceX is not determined by their success, but more by what bullshit Musk can come up with. So if Musk can bullshit his way around this too, there is no harm to the stock.

Ups sorry posted this the wrong place.

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Funny I've never seen that, but I switch around from time to time. Because none are perfect unfortunately.

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Startpage uses outside search results, but should be very secure like DuckDuckGo, and better certified.
Qwant is AFAIK more independent, and I like the layout better.

Both give pretty good search results IMO, but are somewhat lacking in map/geographic searches. For instance searching "Angola" could result in a restaurant in London. Just as a hypothetical example.
So I do use Google maps too.

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My old $200 Motorola G9 Power phone lasted almost 4 years with only very minor scratches. Obviously in that period I have dropped it a few times getting out of the car, where the phone sometimes work itself out of my pant pocket while I drive, and then it slips out when I get out of the car. But no problem on my previous phones, despite the Moto had cheap Panda glass front.

Then I bought my $800 glass back Xiaomi 13T Pro in January, and I loved the phone for the camera and good specs. But alas after only 4 months, and single drop of just 30 cm while sitting on the porch, the glass back immediately cracked! The back now looks like an ugly mess, and the high water resistance is very likely gone too.

For sure the last time I buy a phone with a glass back!!!

I wonder why glass back is so popular, and I curse the media for reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S2 as "feeling a bit cheap", because the back was synthetic, and drop tests showed it was 10 times as durable as the iPhone with its glass back.

Samsung did it right in the beginning, glass backs are a curse.

PS: I don't use condoms for my phones, if they need that for daily use, it's an obvious design flaw!!!

The glass back is supposedly there to give a premium feel to the phone. But because it's fragile, people have to use a cover, but with the cover, the premium feel of a glass back is gone anyways?
How is glass back not a design flaw?


I am not clumsy, that's why I believe the phone should be able to last without cover. This was the first time the phone slid out of my packet, and I've NEVER dropped it out of my hands. One 30 cm slip and it's broken. Where for instance my Moto had maybe 4-6 in all over the years, and remained unscathed, apart from some tiny scratches.
The sliding out of pocket does occur maybe a couple of times per year, but it's a low drop, and the phone should absolutely be able to handle that tiny drop, as it's an item for everyday use.
I've also never had problems with scratches on my screen on any phone, which is the reason people use screen protectors I guess, which I don't either, because they are ugly, for instance they create a tiny ring around the camera, and they feel awful IMO, my phone came with it, and it took exactly 10 seconds for me to decide to remove it, because I could feel the edge of the screen protector when using the phone.
But please stop with the dropping my phone regularly comments! Just because I dropped my Moto a few times (slid out of pocket) over almost 4 years! Always from low height, which it should be able to handle a few times.


I considered hard weather this really belongs in Technology, but came to the conclusion that exposing a scammer that is considered a tech genius, does belong here. Because debunking a technology company is as important as showing it, when it's considered valid.

That said, I believe most people here are already aware that Musk is not to be trusted blindly. But just how bad it really is, may be news to some.

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Hi I had an App previously, that was just called Write for simple note taking, where you could take a picture, and make simple edits, like using a simulated marker to highlight.
I used it for the very simple task, of taking a picture of our shopping list, and then striking things I've purchased, which IMO can be very helpful when you have big shoppinglists, which we tend to have.😋
In principle the standard photo edit on my phone can do it, but it's not very good at it, because it's clumsy to resize and navigate the list.
Obviously I prefer an app that is free and without advertising.
Maybe others will find this helpful too?

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  • Screen HDR10 Amoled has an insane 2600 nits!
  • The screen is FLAT (Thank you Xiaome) 👍
  • Cameras are amazing (Video slowmotion at 720p 960fps) 😋
  • IP68 dust/water resistant
  • 120 Watt Charger
  • Mediatek Dimensity 9200+ (Claimed to beat Snapdragon 8 Gen 2)
  • 4 generations up to Android 17 Android upgrades and 5 year security support

Obviously It has all the expected sensors and features.

The corners that were cut to get the price down are pretty few IMO:

  • Gorilla Glass 5 instead of Victus.
  • Plastic instead of Alu edge.
  • No Wireless charging

Here (Denmark) the Xiaome 13T Pro is cheaper than One Plus 11, and it beats it in every aspect. It's almost (but not quite) as good as the Samsung S23 Ultra. To me this seems by far the best option in the price range.

The non pro is $100 cheaper, and you get a slightly less powerful SOC, 67 Watt charger instead of 120, less RAM/Storage, although there are ranges for both.

Edit PS 09. Oct. 2023

Just ordered the pro version with 12 GB Ram and 512 MB storage for € 669,- including tax or USD 565,- excluding tax.

I was waiting for our Solar panels to go online, and that was finally finished today.

I originally planned to buy the One Plus 11, but the curved screen and opposing power/volume buttons turned me away from that.

I'm extremely excited as my current phone is a very cheap older budget phone (Moto G9 power). It has served me surprisingly well, considering it was sub $200 including tax.

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