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There are two options to my thinking:

  1. The cheat was once wealthy, and being stripped of his worldly possessions and humiliated in the arena was considered enough.

  2. As the legal status of combatants in the arena was generally considered to be unfree/enslaved, the fact that he was made into a slave was bad enough (or they sent him to the mines afterwards to work him to death).

Can't imagine they'd pass up on an opportunity to have him eaten in front of a roaring crowd if they were just gonna kill him!

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In PoliticalMemes, but it was removed for not being political(?)

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Things can get heated in certain threads.

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by Centurii-chan

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Well, I do appreciate not being compared to THAT particular user, so thank you.

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I didn't realize I was so famous.

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In period women were generally muscled as fuck. Fetching household water, hand milling grain for bread and doing laundry were female coded tasks on top of doing whatever yearly hard labour tasks were required. They would absolutely be trucking their favourite guy out of town even if he was big.

Hard labor for survival's sake can put you above even athletes

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I'm just trying to remind them they aren't welcome in decent places. I wouldn't go to .ml or worse, Hexbear or grad, if you paid me.

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Gish gallop. It's a common tactic used by authoritarians with no real arguments.

Bastard (
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I refused to use adblockers on principle - not because I thought multibillion corpos needed more money, but because I recognized that sites using ads to sustain their business model needed views to maintain their viability in our fucked capitalist system.

Then Youtube swapped to three unskippable fucking ads after every video.

Now I just whitelist decent sites and let Adblock take care of the rest.

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I'll have you know that my hair is thick and luscious as it is!

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Though I use GIMP

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Also the founding fathers sucked and were constantly drunk slave holders.

Hey now, let a man have his drink now and again, or we'll put another tax on whiskey.

The best Founding Fathers were the abolitionists among them, though. Most of the slave-holders who shat up the founding are long-forgotten by popular culture, except for Jefferson and Madison.

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I mean, I'm a man getting to the point where I'm entering the "No longer young" decade, but I'd take the bear. People are less predictable than bears. I don't want to be isolated from civilization with ANY stranger.

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