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Nooooo you can't call conservatives Nazis, it hurts their feelings. AfD can't even plan mass deportations of foreigners without being branded Nazis, hmph.

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"I'm white, cis and hetero, and they're only hurting Others™"

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Officers threatened to kill the dog of Thomas Perez Jr as they pressured him to falsely confess to killing his father, who was alive

What the fuck. Average pig moment.

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The vast majority of AI Overviews provide high quality information

According to some fuckwitted Google rep, and I wouldn't trust them any further than I could throw them.

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Yes we are all definitely humans who enjoy human activities like breathing oxygen

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how to build Teller-Ulam design in shed

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Right, and which part of that makes saying "the problem isn't just the US" untrue? If anything that underlines the fact that everybody should be chipping in more

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Musk, the employees said, was not pleased with Tinucci’s presentation and wanted more layoffs. When she balked, saying deeper cuts would undermine charging-business fundamentals, he responded by firing her and her entire 500-member team.

The dude's a petulant child. No wonder conservatives fawn over him.

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The US isn't the only one though, it's the same everywhere except the countries that Russians have occupied.

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It's like world leaders want Russia to win; making a show of donating insignificant amounts of old weapons systems they had lying around, but not actually doing enough to ensure Ukraine's victory.

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Which is why I said to contact the German DPA

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Sure! This page has some general info:

The directive itself is kind of involved because it goes pretty deep into what its aim is and eg. what sort of information can be considers an identifier, and it's actually quite well argued and worth a read if that sort of thing is your, er, thing: (you need to scoll aaalll the way down to be able to show the body text). I had to deal with this stuff professionally when I was a CTO for a company with some stricter than average privacy requirements due to the field, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out how much sense ePrivacy and GDPR actually make


A video about the Minuteman ICBM's guidance computer by Alexander the ok.

He even made a simulator for it, in case you want to try out what it would have been like to program an ICBM's guidance computer in the 60's 😁

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Opinion piece by professor of political science Alexander J. Motyl.

A synopsis of sorts from the first few paragraphs:

Analysts of Russia differ about many things, but the most important difference concerns their interpretation of the roots of Russia’s ongoing aggression. One side argues that Russian history and political culture are to blame — or, to put it more simply, uniquely Russian characteristics are the cause of Russian aggression. The other side argues that the causes are not uniquely Russian, but typical of the behavior of certain kinds of states, regimes, societies and leaders.

Unsurprisingly, historians of Russia and Ukraine tend to fall into the first camp, while political scientists with a comparative bent tend to fall into the second camp. Equally unsurprisingly, the first camp sees no easy solutions to Russia’s current behavior, precisely because it’s just a continuation of an age-old pattern of Russian behavior inspired by the inalterable Russian soul.


In contrast, social scientists are often somewhat more bullish about Russia’s prospects of change. Other countries have abandoned centuries of authoritarianism, so why not Russia? It may not be easy, but it’s surely possible, with the right array of policies and under the appropriate conditions.


So, who’s right? Alas, both perspectives are, and that’s why there is no easy answer to the problem of Russian imperialism.

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A White House spokesperson put it the best, I think:

The White House spokesperson Andrew Bates, when asked about Trump’s comments, said: “Encouraging invasions of our closest allies by murderous regimes is appalling and unhinged – and it endangers American national security, global stability and our economy at home.”

What's so insane about all this is that Trump saying something like that out loud means it's now practically gospel to the vast majority of GOP voters, and might as well be official party policy.

wats he doin (
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