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In popular culture, it goes back to DC comics, specifically Flash #123 in September of 1961.


First, a little comic book history... DC set the standard for Superhero comics in 1938 when they introduced Superman. Following that was the creation of character after character.

This was called "The Golden Age" of comics.

The 1950s rolled around and superhero books kind of faded away, replaced by crime and horror books. This drew the attention of Frederic Wertham, a child psychologist, who sought to blame all of societies ills on comic books.


This inspired the creation of the Comics Code Authority which controlled whar could and could not be published.


2 years after Seduction of the Innocent, DC re-booted superhero comics with Showcase #4, introducing a new version of a Golden Age character called The Flash:


Shortly after that, just like many characters appearing after the introduction of Superman 20 years earlier, a whole host of new characters appeared in the Silver Age, all approved by the Comics Code.

By 1961, DC was facing questions from fans about "Wait, how can there be two Flashes? Or two Green Lanterns? Where are the original characters?"

To explain this, they invented the concept of "Earth 1" and "Earth 2".

All the current characters and stories were happening on Earth 1, all the Golden Age characters and stories were on Earth 2.

Two planets separated by a vibrational difference, a difference that the Flashes of both worlds were able to cross.

And so Flash #123 introduced the whole Earth1 / Earth 2 concept in 1961.

Following that, they set up an annual crossover event between the Justice League (Earth 1) and the Justice Society (Earth 2), as a "CRISIS ON EARTH..."

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It's funny you say that, because this scenario was how I explained it back in the day...

Imagine the US comes out with a shiny new quarter, it's super cool, but won't fit in any existing coin slot.

Upgrading one machine isn't too bad if you know what you're doing, but then doing every machine on a block, or a street, or a city, or a state? Suddenly way more complicated.

Oh, and they ALL have to be done by a specific date.

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Coming up with a solution way more complicated than "studying". Brilliant!

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You would think it would be possible to just swap out the currency mechanism and not the entire machine. Seems like there's an opportunity there somewhere...

Alternately, get a bill exchanger. New bill goes in, old bill comes out.

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Country which has routinely engaged in war crimes for 30 years continues to engage in war crimes...

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Elon Musk has unusual relationships. Full stop.

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I mean, it looks do-able, you just need something like this with a plug on both ends:


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Each driver carrying their own cable wouldn't have to worry about the quality of the cable on the charger.

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If copper thieves are stealing charging cables, the solution is dead simple...

Keep the cables on the car side, not the charger side. Provide an outlet on the charger, driver supplies their own cable.

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Started out with lemmy.one, then when they had major downtime, I started on kbin, but when I couldn't use that with my preffered lemmy app, I spun up lemmy.world which is now my main.

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A recent cyberattack on Palau, a small island nation with close ties to the United States, underscores the growing vulnerability of island nations and the potential for China to use cyber intrusions for political purposes.

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"Vote counts continue to lag in Mexico’s historic election. Despite private exit polls favoring frontrunner Claudia Sheinbaum, The Associated Press bases its report on official results and will continue to update coverage as votes roll in."

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Added the city to the headline to be a little less click-baity.


A) That's not a Hyundai. It's AI bullshit.

B) That's not even the FORM FACTOR for a Palisade.

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Hey all! Friendly neighborhood mod here!

I've just been added (along with @FlyingSquid@lemmy.world (HEY SQUID!)) to the OTHER World News community, "worldnews", totally separate from this group "world".

The reason being, the mods there had effectively retired. Hurts, the lead mod, stepped away and hadn't been active for MONTHS, and post and comment reports were PILING up, to a point where the Admins asked in our Discord chat going "Hey, what's going on with worldnews?"

Which left ME confused, because "world" has a friendly name of "World News" and is generally up to date on the report queue unless two users are engaging in:


Which, (sigh), happens way more often than I'd like, but what are you going to do?

Before they left 5 months ago, Hurts had pinned a question to worldnews asking, basically, "Do we NEED world AND worldnews?" which I think is a valid question.

There are some key differences, world doesn't accept video links or text pieces, but there's no rule against that in worldnews, so it's a little more free-form than world, although both require legitimate news sources.

So for now, consider the discussion OPEN! Keep them both? Close one or the other?

The volume difference is pretty dramatic:



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"Several people, including employees, had been taken hostage at the Cafe Petticoat in the town of Ede early on Saturday morning. The motive was unclear.

Officials said at a news briefing that the suspect, who was previously known to police, had threatened the hostages with knives. There was no indication of a terrorist motive, police have said."

Back in Business! (lemmy.world)
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Lemmy.world has had a "Business" community for a while now, but it's been a little sleepy.


I've been working with their mod and have been added as a mod there now and we're going to try to bring a little more life over there.

So for stories involving corporate news, feel free to post to Business!

As usual, stories with a global bent are always welcome here.

So, for example, Apple signing some new contract with FoxConn? That may or may not be applicable to World News depending on if the FoxConn contract is inside the US or not.

But it ABSOLUTELY would be OK to post in Business, no question.

Here's hoping Business won't end up with "Elon Musk..." top to bottom. :)

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So for the folks seeing all the deleted comments and going "Wow, that's uncharacteristic!"

Someone created a bot that posted over ~~7,000~~ 40,000 garbage comments in multiple communities and now almost 10 bogus accounts.

They got banned and removed pretty quickly, but the nature of federation means some people are still seeing the comments.

So you can stop reporting the dude with the weird Simpsons/George Floyd mashup images. They're already nuked, it just needs to finish cleaning it up.

The moderation channel right now is also being flooded with reports on the account that is already banned and removed, and that's making it hard to get around to OTHER legitimate reports.

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My favorite part of this story:

"The rocket terminated the flight after judging that the achievement of its mission would be difficult."

"Man, this is too hard, better explode!"

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Live coverage thread of the International Court of Justice and the case of South Africa vs. Israel.

Taiwan Election Live Results (www.bloomberg.com)
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"Lai Ching-te of the Democratic Progressive Party becomes the next president, defeating his opponents Hou Yu-ih of the Kuomintang and Ko Wen-je of the Taiwan People’s Party. The victory represents an unprecedented democratic milestone: the first time a political party in Taiwan has won a third straight presidential election. However, the DPP lost its majority in the legislature, and no one party will have enough votes to rule by itself."

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